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Can We Be Friends

Verse 1
[C]Could you be my best friend?[F]
Let’s hang out every week[C]end[G]
We’re [Am]driving every night
[F]Stare at people that we[C] like
[C]Could you be my best friend?[F]
I’ll tell you all my [C]secrets[G]
I’ll [Am]tell you all the times[F]
That I wished that I could [C]die
Verse 2
And if [G]anybody fucks with you [F]
They fuck with me [C]
So, if [G]anybody fucks with you[F]
I’ll knock their teeth [C]out (Yeah)
[G]Could you be my best friend?[F]
Can we be frien[C]ds?
[G]Could you be my best friend[F]?
Can we be [C]friends?

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