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Giving It Up

[C] [F] [Am] [F]
[C]Giving up the ghost of old lovers that r[F]attle round my brain
Giving [Am]up those black crows that’re sitting [F]on my weather vane
[C]Giving up my addictions, I won’t [F]hide behind that mask
And [Am]when we fall let’s fall together, [F]girl that’s all I ask

[C]Giving it up, o[F]h ooohh
Giving it [Am]up, for [F]love
[C]I’m giving it up, y[F]eah yeahhhh
I’m giving it[Am] up, for lov[F]e

Bridge (lyrics aren’t totally accurate, but you get the gist)
[G]………the words say two are [Am]better than one
[F]Most like the moonlight in your [C]hair waiting on the sun
[G]Tomorrow’s horizon where the [Am]road will lead
[F]And yesterday so bitter but tonight you’re kisses taste so sweet

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