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I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

The best way to play this song is as follows:

Intro | F | F | G | G
|Bb | C | F | F

Close your e[F]yes, close the door,
You dont have to wor[G]ry anymore.
[Bb]Ill be your[C] baby ton[F]ight.[C]

Shut the l[F]ight, shut the shade,
You dont [G]have to be afraid.
[Bb]Ill be your [C]baby toni[F]ght.

Well, that m[Bb]ockingbirds gonna sail away,
[F]Were gonna forget it.
That b[G]ig, fat moon is gonna shine like a spoon,
C N.C.
But were gonna let it,

You wont regret it.

Kick your [F]shoes off, do not fear,
Bring that [G]bottle over here.
[Bb]Ill be your[C] baby tonig[F]ht.

Outro | F | F | G | G |
|Bb |C | F | F || Fade out.

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