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It Must Have Been Love

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 93 13:57:14 PDT
From: “Raghu Viswanathan”
To: jamesb@animal-farm.nevada.edu
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It Must Have Been Love

(Pretty Woman Soundtrack)

[F]Lay a whi[C]sper on my pillow,
leave a [F]winter on the [G]ground
I wake up lone[C]ly, there’s air of s[F]ilence
in the [Dm]bedroom and all a[G]round
Touch me now,[Am] I close my [C]eyes and dream [F]away
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[G]It must have been love, [C]but its over now
[F]It must have been good[Dm], but I [Am]lost it somehow
[G]It must have been love [C]but its over now
[F]from the moment we[Dm] touched till the [Am]time had run out

[G]Make [C]believing, we’re together
that I’m [F]sheltered by hour [G]heart
But in and [C]outside I’ve turned to [F]water
like a tear[Dm]drop in your pal[G]m
And its ha[Am]rd, winter’s da[C]y, I dream awa[F]y

[G]It must have been love, [C]but its over now
[F]It was all I wante[Dm]d, now I’m [Am]living without
[G]It must have been love [C]but its over now
[Gm]Its where the [C]water flows, its where the w[Bb]ind blows

I am not sure about end part …

It [C]must have been love[F] but its over now
Bb(?) Gm(?) Dm
It must have been good, but I lost it somehow
[C]It must have been love,[F] but its over now, [Bb]from the moment we touched
[Gm]till the [Dm]time had run out[C]. Yeah it must have been love .. repeat and fade


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