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It’s All Over

Someone else already tabbed the riff played throughout the song that sounds about right.
I think these chords sound okay when i play along to it.

intro: C G x2

[C] I could hold, your beautiful h[G]ands
[C] And kiss, your beautiful eyeli[G]ds
[C] Throw open, your beautiful doo[G]rs
[C] And phone, your beautiful frie[G]nds

But it’s[F] all over
It’s all[C] over
It’s all[F] over
It’s all[C] over

[C] [G]
[C] I could bind, your beautiful [G]wrists
[C] And shut, your beautiful eye[G]s,
With the drugs, with the drugs, with the drugs
[C] And kick, your beautiful doo[G]rs in
[C] O shame, on your beautiful f[G]riends,

Cos it’s [F]all over
It’s all [C]over
It’s all [F]over
It’s all [C]over

(do F and C till the end)

Chords List