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Lost In Space

Intro: A-Gm7-F#m-Dm

Sometime[A]s I?d ge[AM7]t tired of this me f[A7]irst attitud[F#m]e
You are [Bm]the one [Bm7]thing that keeps me smiling
That?s w[Bm]hy I?m a[E]lways wishing hard for you
Cause yo[A]ur light[AM7] shines [A7]so brigh[F#m]t I don?t feel no solitude
You are [Bm]my first[Bm7] star at[Bm] night I[E]?ve been lost in space without you

And I?ll[A] neve[AM7]r loose m[A7]y faith in[F#m] you
Am I wil[Bm]l I ever[Bm7] get to [Bm]heaven i[E]f I do

It feels[A] just so[AM7] fine wh[A7]en we to[F#m]uch the sky me and you
This is [Bm]my, my c[Bm7]are of [Bm]heaven w[E]hy cant it always be so good
But its [A]alright [AM7]I know [A7]your out[F#m] there doing what you?ve got to do
You are my sou[Bm]l satellit[Bm7]e
I?ve bee[Bm]n lost i[E]n space without you

Repeat chorus 2x
I?ll nev[A]er loose[Gm7] my fait[F#m]h in you[Dm], bye..

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