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Verse 1:

[G]Seems [F]like [C]you and me are s[D]tuck together

[G]Feels [F]like we’ve [C]never been ap[D]art

[G]Seems [F]like [C]you are my skin of [D]supple leather

[G]Seems [F]like your [C]blood pumps through my [D]heart

[G]Seems [F]like [C]you and me are [D]one another

[G]Feels [F]like we [C]couldn’t be un[D]-joined

[G]Seems [F]like I [C]am your sister, [D]you’re my brother

[G]Feels [F]like a [C]phrase yet to be [D]coined


[G]But maybe we [C]find a thing that [F]cannot be ig[D]nored

[G]That will leave a standing [C]naked on a s[F]tranger’s iron s[D]hore

Verse 2:

G / F / C / D (like 1st)

Seems like I am to you a vital organ
Feels like you are to me the air
Seems like without your night I’d have no morning
Feels like you’ll always want me here


But maybe there’s something that could never be foreseen
A fragile thing that rusts inside our finely honed machine


[C]Ohooooo[D]oooo If [G]we should ever [F]be untethered

[C]Ohooooo[D]oooo If [G]somehow we should [Em]end

[C]Ohooooo[D]oooo If [G]we could not go [F]on together

[C]Ohooooo[D]oooo Apa[G]rt you’d be my g[Em]ood and trusting [D]friend

Verse 3:

[G] [/] [F] [/] [C] [/] [D]
Seems like a letter written to a cover
Feels like a note I’ll never send

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