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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band
The Beatles

Tabbed by Nike-Man

Sgt Pepper

Intro: A7 A7 C7 G7

It was [G7]twenty years ago to[A7]day
Sergeant [C7]Pepper taught the band to [G7]play
They’ve been [G7]going in and out of [A7]style
But they’re [C7]guaranteed to raise a [G7]smile
So [A7]may I introduce to you
The [C7]act you’ve known for all these years
[G7]Sergeant Pepper’s [C7]Lonely Heart’s Club [G7]Band

Trumpet Solo: C7 F7 C7 D7

We’re [G]Sergeant Pepper’s [Bb]Lonely He[C7]art’s Club [G]Band
We [C7]hope you will en[C7]joy the [G7]show[G7]
[G]Sergeant Pepper’s [Bb]Lonely He[C7]art’s Club [G]Band
Sit [A7]back and let the evening [D7]go


[C7]Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely
[G7]Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely
[A7]Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely
[C7]Heart’s Club [G7]Band

It’s [C7]wonderful to be here
It’s [F7]certainly a thrill
You’re [C7]such a lovely audience
We’d [D7]like to take you home with us
We’d [D7]love to take you home

I don’t [G7]really wanna stop the [A7]show
But I [C7]thought you might like to [G7]know
That the [G7]singer’s gonna sing a [A7]song
And he [C7]wants you all to sing a[G7]long
So [A7]may I introduce to you
The [C7]one and only Tyler Brooks
[G7]Sergeant Pepper’s [C7]Lonely Heart’s Club [G7]Band
[C7](Segue into “With A Little Help from My Friends”)