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Summer Is For Falling In Love

[Am]We could drive a[D]long an ocean re[G]flecting the [E7]sun
Or [Am]make a bed of [D]green atop a [G]wide open [E7]scene
[C]Under a canvas of [Bm]blue I would [Am]draw ever nearer to [D]you
[C]To feel the dew on your [Bm]skin that is [Am]how it would be[D]gin
For [C]summer is for [D]falling in [G]love
[Am]We could stay out [D]late until the [G]sun sets past [E7]eight
And the [Am]cotton candy [D]haze mirrors the [G]warmth of your [E7]gaze
[C]Raise your glass to[Bm] mine and as we [Am]drink, we would lock [D]eyes
[C]So we could disre[Bm]gard the thought of [Am]ever having to [D]part
For [C]summer is for [D]falling in [G]love
This [Am]lightness of [D]being we both[G] know to be [E7]fleeting
Like the [Am]last breath of a [D]sunset right be[G]fore the day is [E7]dead
But [C]maybe the heat of [Bm]today could [Am]keep even winter a[D]way
[C]So I’ll remember your [Bm]laugh ‘Cause nothing [Am]ever changes the [D]fact
That [C]summer is for [D]falling in [Bm]love [E7]
[C]Summer is for [D]falling in [G]love

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