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Try Me

Submitted by Gary W 14 Aug 06
Note / marks are meant to give you a basic
sense of timing. Each / simply means a
down-strum. You will hear it if you play
along with the recording.
Its in the key of B, but you will find it
easier to play in the A position with Capo
on 2nd Fret

Intro: (A)/// (E)/// (A)/// (D)/// (A)///
[(E)///] [(A)///] [///]
(A) You don’t think you can find (D) true
love again
Won’t you (A) try me/// /// (D)/// ///
There’s (A) somebody somewhere that (D) you
can’t for-(A)-get
So you’re (E) not free/// /// /// ///
And (A) I don’t believe you be-(D)-lieve you
could ever get (A) by me/// /// (D)/// ///
Maybe (A) I could un-(E)-do all the (A) hurt
you’ve been (D) though
Try (A) me, try (E) me, try (A)me /// /// /// ///

(A) You’ve got no right to de-(D)-ny me a
fight till you (A) try me/// /// (D)/// ///
It (A) could be all wrong but it (D) could
be al-(A)-right so why (E) don’t
we/// /// /// ///
(A) You need a way to for-(D)-get yesterday
well that’s (A) easy/// /// (D)/// ///
If a (A) little heart-(E)-ache is what (A)
you need to (D) shake
Try (A) me, try (E) me, try (A)
me/// /// /// ///

(Bm) Come on (D) love you’ve got (A) nothing
to (E) lose
A (Bm) lifetime of (D) loneliness (A) what
does that (E) prove
When you (A) count up the (E) odds theres
still (A) no guaran-(D)-tee
Try (A) me, try (E) me, try (A) me/// (E)///
[(A)///] [(D)///] [(A)///] [(E)///(A)///] [///] [///][///]
(A) When you go to sleep and you (D) cant
find a dream won’t you (A) try me/// ///
[(D)///]A (A) p[///]lace you can whisper the (D) secrets
you (A) keep thats what (E) I’ll
be/// /// /// ///
And when (A) you’ve given up and theres (D)
no one to trust come and (A) find me/// ///
[(D)///]Then (A[///]) maybe you (E) could leave (F#m)
lonely for (D) good
Try (A) me, try (E) me, try (A) me/// (D)///
Try (A) me, try (E) me, try (A) me/// (E)///
[(A)///] [(D)///] [(A)///] [(E)///] [(A)/]
(Thanks to Gmwns@aol.com for tabs)

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