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Where Is It Written?

[Cm]God, [F]our merciful father
[Abm]I’m wrapped in a robe of light
Clothed in your [Gb]glory
[Abm]That spreads its wings over [Ebm]my soul
[F] [Ab]May I be worthy
There’s not a morning I begin without
A thousand questions running through my mind
That I don’t [A]try [Ab]to find the reason and the logic
In the world that God [Fm]designed
The reason [Ab]why
[Eb]A bird was [D]given [Gm]wings
If not to fly and praise the [C]sky
With every song it [F]sings
What’s right or wrong [B]
Where I [Bbm]belong
[G]Within the scheme of [C]things
[G] [Cm] [Am] [Ab] [Eb] [Fm]
[Eb]And why have eyes that [Ab]see
And arms that reach
Unless you’re meant to know
There’s something more?
If not to hunger for the meaning of it all
Then tell me what a soul is [Fm]for?
Why have the wings
[Eb]Unless you’re [D]meant to [Gm]fly?
And tell me please, why have a [Cm]mind
If not to [C]question [Fm]why?
And tell me [Bbm]where
Where is it written what it is
I’m [Eb]meant to be, that I can’t [Ab]dare
To have the chance to pick the fruit of every [Db]tree
Or have my [Eb] [G]share of every sweet- [C]imagined possibility?
Just tell me [Db]where, [Eb]tell me [Ab]where? [Ebm]
[Ab]If I were only meant to tend the nest
Then why does my imagination [Abm]sail
Across the [Ab]mountains and the seas
Beyond the make-believe of any fairy [Fm]tale?
Why have the [Eb]thirst if not to [D]drink the [Gm]wine?
And what a waste to have a [C]taste
Of things that can’t be [Fm]mine?
And tell me [Bbm]where, where is it written what it is
I’m meant to [Eb]be, that I can’t [Ab]dare
To find the meanings in the [Db]mor [Ab]nings that I [Db]see
Or have my [Gm]share of every sweet-imagined [C]possibility?
Just tell me [Db]where – where is it [Eb]written?
[C]Tell me [Fm]where
[E]Or if it’s [Eb]written [Dbm]anywhere[A]?

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